It’s time to get this hen do started! You’ve stocked up on the bubbly, and now it’s time to take your hen weekend to the next level with some unforgettable hen do games. Because let’s face it, nothing brings people together quite like a healthy dose of friendly competition and laughter-inducing antics.

Whether you’re looking for quirky icebreakers, hilarious challenges, or cheeky dares, we’ve got you covered. 

That said, we know there are some pretty lame games out there (we encountered the gamut during our thorough research and vetting process), so we’ve curated a list of the créme de la créme of party-starters. 

Here are 14 hen do party games your friends are guaranteed to love.

1. The Newlywed Game

Round up the hens, it’s time to play Mr and Mrs. If you’ve been to a hen do, you’ve almost certainly tried your hand at this classic hen do game. From their beige flags to their real first impressions of each other, it’s a great way to kick off the festivities, no penis straws required. 

Mr and Mrs was originally inspired by the American game show, “The Newlywed Game,” which made its debut in the 1970s. Cue dramatic music and suspenseful pauses as questions like “Who is more likely to hog the remote control?” and “Who takes the longest to get ready in the morning?” were fired away. Hard hitting stuff, really.

Have the maid email the bride’s spouse-to-be a list of questions beforehand (even better, get their responses on video to play for the group later). Then have the bride guess what their partner answered for each one. If the answer is right, everyone but the bride takes a sip of their drinks. If the answer is wrong, the bride drinks alone.

 How to Play Mrs & Mrs: Questions and Tips

2. A Scavenger Hunt

Picture this: you and your girls hitting the town, armed with a list of daring dares and outrageous challenges that will test your wit, creativity, and maybe even your sanity. It’s like a real-life game of Clue, but with a side of slight embarrassment.

Now, forget about those mundane scavenger hunts you played as a kid. We’re talking about scavenger hunts designed specifically for grown-up hens who know how to have a good time. 

And lucky for you, the internet is bursting with downloadable hen party scavenger hunt lists that are guaranteed to inject some serious fun into your night.

Whether you’re after a slightly wild and crazy adventure or a more laid-back and tamer experience, Etsy has it all. From hilarious dares that will have you laughing until your mascara runs, to challenges that will test your courage and bring out your inner daredevil, there’s something for every vibe and personality.

3. The Drink If Game

Next up, “Drink If.” It’s like “Never Have I Ever,” but with a hen do twist. Here’s the deal: you gather your squad, armed with a stack of cards featuring those tantalising “drink ifs.” As the night progresses, the cards are passed around, and if a particular line resonates with you, it’s bottoms up, my friend! From the classic “If you’ve known the bride for 10-plus years” to the eyebrow-raising “If you’ve hooked up with someone who shares the same name as the bride’s soon-to-be spouse,” the drink-ifs will have you spilling secrets and downing your chosen poison with style.

Now, we won’t sugarcoat it — this game can get wild. But hey, that’s what hen dos are all about, right?


4. A Panty Party

If the panties fit, right? This is one way to get to know your fellow hens…

For this game, each guest should bring a pair of knickers that are reflective of their personality. We’re talking about lacy, granny panties, or downright outrageous — let your imagination run wild! All the panties get hung on a clothes line (or however you can manage it) and the bride has to guess which guest they belong to. 

Take a sip every time the bride successfully pairs a panty with its owner. She gets it wrong, she drinks. 

It’s a fun way to shower the bride and get some good laughs at the same time. Be prepared for laughter, blushes, and a few scandalous revelations along the way.

5. Ring Hunt

If you’re in the mood for something a little more laid back than a full-blown scavenger hunt, this game is just the ticket. Picture this: a secret stash of plastic rings, cleverly concealed throughout your home base/Airbnb for the weekend.

From under the cushions to behind the curtains, these rings will test your sleuthing skills and ignite a competitive spirit among the guests.

But wait, it gets better. Each discovered ring comes with a mini-dare, a challenge that adds an extra layer of excitement to the game. Whether it’s dancing like nobody’s watching, serenading the bride with a silly love song, or inventing a hilarious pickup line, these mini-dares will have everyone in stitches. Complete the dare, keep the ring — the winner is the guest with the most rings at the end.

So, gather the hens and unleash your inner Sherlock Holmes.

6. Adult Pictionary

So most of us know the general objective of Pictionary (split into teams and have one person draw a randomly chosen word or phrase while others try to guess what it is), right? 

Well, let’s make it X rated.

Stack the deck with lots of naughty phrases and acts, and watch as hilarity ensues. We’re talking about diving headfirst into the realm of adult-themed Pictionary, where inhibitions are shed, and creativity knows no boundaries.

From cheeky innuendos to scandalous positions, the possibilities are endless. Warning: Adult Pictionary may cause blushing cheeks, and the occasional loss of composure. Play at your own risk.

7. Bridal Shower Bingo

This is perfect if guests are planning on showering the future-Mrs with less than PG gifts. This definitely seems to be more of an American trend: the Yanks get gifts, while us Brits get absolutely swallied, but maybe this hen-do will be different.

If so, hand lingerie bingo cards out as the bride-to-be is opening gifts, and see who can complete a row first. From the super spicy to the sweet and lacy, this bingo game knows no boundaries.

Will it be a provocative babydoll nightie or a daring set of handcuffs that secures a row on someone’s bingo card? Who knows, but either way expect your mother-in-law to be shielding her eyes from the horror of the crotchless panties.

8. Hen Roulette

While this may not be your typical game of skill, trust us when we say that a certain type of skill is definitely needed. Drinking skills, that is. 

Here’s how it works: Gather the girls and a trusty spinner. In the spinner, you’ll fill each glass with something different. Prosecco? Tequila? Milk? Each guest will take turns, eagerly awaiting the spinner’s verdict. 

Warning: Hen Roulette may lead to fits of laughter, spirited toasts, and a temporary disregard for inhibitions. So gather your glasses, spin the wheel, and let fate decide your next drink. Hen Roulette is here to take your hen do celebration to a whole new level of revelry and merriment. 

Spin, sip, and let the adventure unfold.


9. How Well Do You Know The Bride?

It’s time to separate the true confidantes from the casual acquaintances and find out just how well you’ve been paying attention all these years. Gather ’round for a game that will challenge your knowledge of the hen do’s leading lady—the bride herself.

Compile a list of questions about our beloved bride-to-be, drawing from a treasure trove of memories, inside jokes, and heartwarming anecdotes. Or, if you prefer to save your precious brainpower, print out a pre-made questionnaire designed to put your knowledge to the ultimate test.

As the questions are unleashed, prepare for a frenzy of competitive whispers, strategic pondering, and lively debates. Did she really prefer chocolate cake over vanilla at her fifth birthday party? Was her childhood crush a certain boy band heartthrob? Who knows the story behind that embarrassing but oh-so-entertaining college escapade?

Get a point system in place and discover who among you truly deserves the coveted title of the Bride Whisperer.

10. Kiss The Groom-To-Be

Pretty self-explanatory, here. 

In an adult twist on Pin the Tail on the Donkey, each guest puts on a coat of lipstick and gets ready to smooch a photo of the bride’s spouse-to-be. Thinking about it, it’s a little weird and I think we’d rather the donkey… but alas it’s a hen do, and we do strange things for our bride to be. 

Failing that, grab a pre-made pin the willy on the man game, and revel in the debauchery. Less charming, but it means you don’t need to snog a picture of your best girlfriend’s man.

For an extra treat, personalise some satin sleeping masks to take home after wearing them as the blindfolds.

11. Prosseco Pong

Beer pong, but make it HEN THEMED

This modern take on a frat-party classic is always a huge hit. Replace red cups with coupette glasses and beer with your favourite bubbly and you’re off to the races. This is the game that combines bubbly sophistication with competitive spirit, and trust me, it’s going to get competitive.

Split into teams, and let the pong balls fly as you aim to land them gracefully into your opponents’ glasses. You can pick up the essentials from Amazon, or treat yourself to a ready-to-go Prosecco Pong set and prepare for some fizz-filled excitement.

But hold on, my keen-eyed contenders, there’s a twist to master. You see, coupette glasses are a tad shallower than your usual party cups, so be sure to adjust your aim accordingly. It’s all about precision, strategy, and the delicate art of delivering that perfect ping.

12. What’s In Your Phone?

Consider this the love child of a scavenger hunt and bingo. Prepare to dive into the depths of your beloved handheld companion and reveal the most intriguing, outrageous, and unexpected items lurking within your iCloud.

Participants get points for finding something on the list within the contents of their phone. Award fewer points for more common items (think: the wedding date in your calendar) and more points for the serious goods. 

Up the ante with things like a belfie or X-rated search history.

You’ll provide a list of items to search for within the contents of their phones. It’s a race against time, where points are awarded for every discovery you make. But not all items are created equal! Common finds like the wedding date in your calendar may earn you a few points, but brace yourselves for the truly extraordinary gems that will truly skyrocket your score.

We’re talking a belfie, or an X-rated search history that might reveal your deepest, darkest online curiosities. 

It’s a chance to showcase your digital prowess, flaunt your hidden treasures, and have a jolly good time in the process.

So, my darlings, unlock those screens, fire up those apps, and prepare to dive deep. 

13. Dirty Minds

See who’s got the dirtiest mind in the bunch by compiling a list of seemingly naughty descriptions and having the guests guess the answers. The answers are always completely respectable and ordinary, but the guests tend to get pretty creative.

Here’s how it works: you’ll give the hens a seemingly scandalous description that will leave your mind’s racing and laughter echoing through the room. For example: I come with a large pair. Part of me is always hard. I’m an expensive piece of tail. The catch? The answers are anything but dirty! In fact, they’re as respectable and ordinary as a cup of tea and a spot of gossip. But oh, how our mischievous minds love to wander!

FYI, the answer was lobster.

As each saucy description is read aloud, the challenge is to guess the answer, all while keeping your thoughts firmly planted in the realm of cheeky mischief. Who knew that a simple household object or a mundane phrase could elicit such wicked thoughts? 

Let the guessing games begin.

14. Hen Jenga

Get ready to put your nerves of steel and steady hands to the test, ladies, because we’re about to take the classic game of Jenga and crank up the excitement to epic proportions. 

Picture this: a towering stack of wooden blocks, each one holding the fate of the players in its wobbly grasp. But this is no ordinary Jenga game. 

Each block reveals a challenge or a dare that must be completed with finesse and gusto. Will you be the brave soul who tackles a hilarious dance routine, mimics the bride’s signature move, or takes a sip of a mysterious concoction? The possibilities are endless!

Hen Jenga is all about strategy, skill, and a healthy dose of liquid courage. Make sure those libations are within arm’s reach, for this game will test your resolve and may require some well-deserved refreshments to keep those spirits high.

And there we have it. With our carefully curated list of 14 hen do party games, you’re in for a wild ride. Say goodbye to lame games and hello to the créme de la créme of party-starters. Let the festivities begin.


Where can I buy hen do party games?

Most hen do games don’t require much supplies, some paper and pens are all you need. If more formal games are your thing, Amazon should be your go-to. Etsy is also a great source for personalised games to make the experience extra special.

What are some prizes for hen do party games?

If you know the group well, you can easily tailor the hen do party prizes to their tastes. Some of our favourite options include a shot, silly favors, or small self-care gift sets like candles. Bragging rights are also a timeless choice that never goes out of style.

Do you need games at a hen do?

You don’t, but you may struggle to fill the time without a few cringey games. Suck it up and pin the penis on the groom. When else will you have the opportunity?