Are you planning a Liverpool hen do? We’re not surprised.

The homeland of Scouse brows, strawberry fields and massive hair in rollers is nothing short of a hen do haven.

Whether the bride’s a sucker for live music, you’re bowled over by the incredible hen-friendly apartments or you just can’t wait to be swigging cocktails in one of Liverpool’s biggest clubs – this city ticks all of your hen party boxes.

If you’ve been tasked with planning the hen, we’ve got everything you need to know about where to stay, what to do and what to avoid in Liverpool.

We’ve roped in some of the most fashion-forward scousers we know — some single, some hitched, some about to walk down the aisle — to make planning a Liverpool hen do a breeze.

But not just any Liverpool hen do. We aim to inspire experiences and memories that live on long after the inflatable penis’ have deflated. Let’s go girls!


Why not Liverpool…

Scousers famously love a drink, and have embraced hen-do culture like no other city we know of. Broken up into different nightlife areas with distinct vibes, this city quite literally has something for every group. From Concert Square, with its cluster of streets paved with heaps of fabulous bars and clubs – to student-heavy Hardman Street, with an electric atmosphere every night of the week, it’s safe to say it won’t be a quiet one.

Liverpool boasts two large train stations, as well as the Liverpool John Lennon Airport, so getting here is a breeze. Once you’re there, getting around the city couldn’t be simpler – the city centre is also totally walkable, but there are also Uber everywhere, and low and behold, they don’t cost the Earth. 

Couple this with a whole host of accommodation options, from luxurious 5-star hotels to quirky apartments in the centre of town. There’s something to suit every hen party in lively Liverpool.


While the Western theme is great for dressing up, it’s even better for dressing up an Airbnb or garden if you’re having a home-hen at home. We’re talking hay bales, saloons and ride-on horses. Here’s our picks to bring your rodeo to life, without losing the Western charm. And trust us, it’s an easy slip. It’s easy to get carried away, one wrong move and the image of your MIL on a bucking bronco will stay with you for life.


There isn’t an easier theme to decorate for than a rodeo, which makes your job a lot easier.

If you’re outside, stock up on hay bales — these are pretty cheap on Amazon — or opt for backdrops instead. We’re grabbing some gingham table covers and a rodeo themed balloon arch with cow-print in there somewhere.

Top it off with a lifesize horse and you’re just about ready to rodeo.

For drinks, we’re going down the Blanco route. Do the hens drink tequila? Unlikely. Are we going to stock the fridge with 818 Tequila for the sake of the theme? Yessir.

Is Tequila Western? Honestly, no. Tequila = cacti, sombreros, and maybe a mariachi band playing in the background. But, KJ created 818 Tequila to ‘capture the spirit of her hometown’, the San Fernando Valley in California. While the valley isn’t Western in the traditional sense, she’s pulled from the rugged charm of the region. And it’s a branding masterpiece. Cowboy hats sell tequila — who knew?

Top them off with some hat toppers (get it?) and you’re good to go.


If you’re hitting the town to dance the night away, your options are more limited (but no less fun). With group cowboy (or girl) hats you’ve normally put a tick in the theme box in one-go, but why stop there?

Ah, yee old stick horses. These will no doubt become an absolute pain after two hours of carting them around, but if you’re daytime drinking they might just be a non-negotiable. Galloping along the streets of Dublin with a wooden horse between your legs? Sold. It’s a conversation starter.

I know I said we wanted to keep it classy, but sometimes the best thing you can do is just embrace the downright weird. Who needs a groom when you can hit the town with a life-size inflatable cow.


If the bride— and it’s a big if — is a big photo taker, photo lover, photo care about’er, you’re going to coordinate colours. It just makes for nicer shots, and also can stop anyone from feeling out of place. Basic rules for a Last Rodeo themed evening:

    • If we’re going out in the evening, we’re going hens in black (or pink if barbiecore is your thing) and the bride in white.
    • If we’re day drinking, we’re allowing denim.

The best thing you can do is send a moodboard for your hens to give them an idea as to where we’re going.


The Last Rodeo is one of the easiest hen themes to dress for, but one of the most fun to play with.

We’re talking white mini dress: plain, simple with a featured back. Then, we’ll let the accessories do the talking. Or walking, in the coveted words of Shania Twain.

When it comes to a rodeo-themed hen do, cowboy boots are an absolute must. They’re not just a fashion statement; they’re a symbol of the wild, untamed spirit that embodies rodeo culture. Slip on a pair of these bad boys and she’ll never want to take them off.

Now, there are a couple of options when it comes to cowboy boots. You can go for the classic, traditional style with intricate stitching and a slightly worn-in look. These boots have a rugged charm that screams “I mean business.” Go white, go brown, or go fringed — each work a treat.

If you want to add a touch of flair, opt for cowboy boots with a colourful twist. Picture bold shades of turquoise, fiery reds, or metallic finishes. These statement boots will have all eyes on you as you two-step your way through the night. Cowboy boots have officially made their  comeback, so you can rest assured you’ll get your wear out of them throughout the year.

Of course, no rodeo-themed ensemble is complete without a cowboy hat. It’s the crowning glory that completes the look and instantly transports you to the dusty arenas where bull-riding legends are made. You’ve not really got a choice here, it’s go big or go home — rhinestone BRIDE is a non negotiable.

To add an extra layer of badassery, consider throwing on an oversized jacket. Denim or leather, take your pick. This piece not only adds a cool factor to your look but is also practical. As the night progresses and the temperatures drop, you’ll be glad to have something warm and stylish to throw on. Plus, there’s something undeniably cool about strutting around in an oversized jacket with your hen squad, ready to take on the world (or at least the dance floor).


Luckily, it’s just as easy for the rest of the hen party to wrangle an outfit.

For the guests, we’re going with black as the base of your outfit. 90% of ladies will have a LBD tucked away at the back of the wardrobe, or at the very least will wear one again if they buy it new.

Then, we’re adding the Western charm to your ensemble.

Top it off with a cowboy hat, because no rodeo-inspired outfit is complete without this iconic accessory. Gigi & Olive stock incredible black rhinestone cowboy hats, while you can also pick up a cow-print hat for the group that won’t break the bank.

Next up, the cowboy boots. These babies aren’t just reserved for the bride-to-be; they’re the ultimate statement piece for any rodeo-loving guest. These boots will take your outfit to new heights (literally) and have you ready to line dance like there’s no tomorrow.

Top tip: if you don’t want to buy cowboy boots, but want to stick with the theme, a suede ankle boot will do the trick.

Now, the final accessory. We’re talking about temporary tattoos of the groom-to-be, with a cowboy hat to match. What better way to celebrate the upcoming nuptials than with a cheeky nod to the man of the hour? Place these fun and quirky tattoos strategically on your arms, wrists, or even cheek, and watch as they become conversation starters throughout the night.

Of course, accessorise with some statement Western-inspired jewellery. Think chunky silver bangles, turquoise necklaces, or even a rustic belt with an oversized buckle.


There’s only so much we can do to make Never Have I Ever Western themed, so falling short of having everyone in the room who has ridden a horse take a swig, we’re going to be relying on some Rodeo templates to bring the West.

It wouldn’t be a hen do without our classic main-stay hen do games. We’re talking Mr & Mrs, How Well Do You Know The Bride? and Drink If. 

But we’ve got a few kickers perfect for the Western theme.


There’s two ways to play this. If you’re staying in, instead of searching for random objects, send your hens on a mission to find items like a horseshoe, or even a miniature cactus. If you’re going out, you’re asking them to get a picture with the sheriff (or the local copper) or to down an ‘Original Cowboy’ in the nearest speakeasy.

We’re going to get creative, and use our template WANTED posters to send them on their way. Simply hand them an envelope and watch them run off into the distance. It’s a hilarious way to get into the rodeo spirit.


For the more adventurous souls, horse riding races are a must.

Channel your inner equestrian prowess and gallop your way to victory. Of course, if actual horses aren’t available, stick horses will do just fine. You’ll be surprised at the competitive spirit that emerges when everyone’s vying for the title of the fastest cowgirl in town.


This will only work if you’re staying in a fairly substantial AirBnB for your hen do, but it will be the talk of the weekend if you manage to pull it off. With a bit of pre-planning, you’re going to have the groom record a short 15 minute line-dancing lesson for the hen party. You can simply have him replicate one of the favourites on YouTube, fit with his own pair of cowboy boots and a hat.

After a few tequilas, the girls won’t know what has hit them, and the bride will be blown over by his moves (potentially). Sure fire way to get everyone giggling.


We’re going back to basics. Instead of pinning a willy on an unsuspecting cartoon naked man, we’re playing the childhood favourite. Let’s swap that donkey for a bucking bronco and see who can place their tail closest to the bullseye while blindfolded. It’s a hilarious take on a childhood favourite, and trust me, the results will have you in stitches.


Let’s get real. It’s 2023. You’re probably not going to be sending an invite to everyone coming to the hen do. I’ve been to 20+, and I’ve never received a physical invite — we’re saving the trees people.

Instead, you’ll reluctantly set up a WhatsApp group chat to bombard 30 of your nearest and dearest. It may be more practical, but it’s not as aesthetically pleasing, and information can often get lost.

Enter: the digital save the date, to be followed by the itinerary closer to the time.

And if we’re throwing a Western theme hen do, we need a Last Rodeo theme itinerary.

And that’s a wrap on the rodeo. Remember, your Last Rodeo-themed hen do doesn’t have to be cow-print chaos. With enough Western charm (and even more tequila), you can plan a celebration that will have everyone saying, “Yeehaw!”

Now, let’s raise our glasses, kick up our boots, and toast to an unforgettable Last Rodeo. Happy hen.